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Stimulate self-knowledge, interpreting and exploring the inner self of creativity through Artisan Han’s way of learning.
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With a desire to explore different forms of art, Han’s Art & Living was originally started by, founder, Art Therapist, Educational Psychologist & Psychologist, Mr. K.T. Han in 1997 with an art studio in Macpherson.

In 2002, our first art gallery cum studio was born as part of a quest to stimulate greater inspiration among people.

The year July 2006, Mr. K.T. Han started another new art venture to explore new form of art, and Hans Art Gallere was founded then.

Also launched its web presence and started to sell its unique wooden craft creations and teaching both children and adult art technique.

Nevertheless, as Mr Han foremost expertise in ‘Mental Health Studies’ for special needs.

Exploring new ways to reach out to many more needs and creativity outreach, in early 2018 ‘ Artisan Han’s’ is born as an essence of future creation of exploring and enhancement of art.

A brand new method that can stimulate self-knowledge, interpreting and exploring the inner self of creativity through Artisan Han’s way of learning via our Art Lessons in Singapore!

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Bringing Out The Artist In You – Explore Yourself through ART, is designed to give you space so often needed to reflect and search for self -balance and self-knowledge, where we become so involved in what the end result will look like.

We always oversight any fulfillment or results. Asking that let everyone participating in enjoying and growing towards the end result.



The process of Han’s philosophy allows you to be free from the constraints of organized, mundane life and allows you to become more in touch-literally-with your creativity.

That will also benefits from having freedom, in turn, can develop your personality and use creativity and more able to stimulate out of the box thoughts and enhances your self- esteem through our Art lessons in Singapore.

Our Forte


  • Teachers Training Program.
  • Pre-school Psychology Art Program.
  • Social Interaction Art Program.
  • Mental Health Development Art Program.
  • Adult & Children Art Program.
  • Installation Art Program
  • Team Bounding Program Through Art .
  • Murals.
  • Holiday Art Retreats Workshop For Pre-School

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