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Acrylic Painting for Kids in Singapore


Parents are always excited to watch their kids do so many creative things without making too expensive choices. Well! The best idea is to help them join some Acrylic Paint classes in Singapore.

It is the best option for beginners in the field of art, as it is forgiving, versatile, quick, and water-soluble. This allows your children to play without spending much money.


acrylic painting for kids in Singapore


Kids have so many imaginations that they want to give shape with the help of colors. Sometimes they have complex ideas as well. After creating some paintings, they get a new idea to make it look more beautiful. But it is not possible to redesign the whole area when you are working with simple art pieces. Acrylic painting, however, allows your kids to add layers over layers to satisfy their desire to create something different.

Since acrylics are made of plastic polymer materials, they can be used on any surface that does not contain oil or wax. Using acrylics, kids can create paintings without adding toxic solvents, and the painted portion can be cleaned again with soap and water.

You can increase your child’s creativity by following these tips if they are learning their first lessons on Acrylic Painting in Singapore:


  • You can make the acrylic paint thin by mixing some glazing medium or water; it will produce an attractive watercolor-like impact. However, the thick impressions can be created by using acrylic paints with gel medium or even by applying them alone.
  • Acrylics can easily dry into some water-resistant, insoluble paint film. It means kids can apply multiple coats of acrylic paint without removing the older color.
  • Help your kids to buy some good quality brushes to create real wonders with acrylic paint. Make sure that they are now too thick and have proper hair.
  • Acrylic painting ideas suit best to collage and mixed media art. This paint can easily work like an adhesive; your kids can also use this surface to create drawings with oil sticks. Oil pastel and graphite etc.


It may be a little tricky to get accuracy on paintings at the beginning stage; but if you get your kids to attend Artisan Han’s, the best Art school in Singapore, the professional artists over here can help sharpen their skills to the next level.

We are sure your child will have great fun learning Acrylic Painting. Give them the opportunity by enrolling them in our Acrylic Painting Class Today.


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