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Elevate Your Event with Unique Art Fringe Activities!
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Art Booth Singapore


Elevate Your Event with Unique Art Fringe Activities at the Art Booth!


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Whether you’re planning a corporate function, a community festival, a school event, or a private celebration, our curated selection of art activities promises to engage participants of all ages and interests.


Art Booth Singapore


Fringe Activities



Fringe activities complement main events by providing additional entertainment and engagement options for participants.


They are interactive, casual, and less structured compared to workshops, aiming to add variety and fun to the event experience.


Activities include face painting, temporary tattoos, photo booths, interactive games, balloon art, and quick art projects suitable for all ages.

Terrarium Fringe activities


Suncatcher Keychain

Sun Catcher Keychain

Shrink Art Fringe Activities

Shrink Art

Pour Bear Keychain Fringe Activities

Pour Bear Keychain



Mini Candle Making Fringe Activities

Mini Candle Making

Ink on Tote Bag Fringe Activities

Ink on Tot Bag

Coaster Design Fringe Activities

Coaster Design

Badge Making Fringe Activities

Badge Making

Airdry Clay Magnet Fringe Activities

Airdry Clay Magnet

Airdry Clay Keychains Fringe Activities

Airdry Clay Keychains

Acrylic Design on Fan Fringe Activities

Acrylic Design on Fan

Audience Engagement

Designed to engage diverse age groups and interests simultaneously, typically lasting 10-15 minutes per activity. This allows guests to participate as they please throughout the event.

Expertise and Experience

With years of event arts and crafts expertise, we offer professionalism, creativity, and client satisfaction.


We adapt services to suit events of all sizes, indoor or outdoor, ensuring tailored experiences.


Elevate your event with captivating art fringe activities that inspire, entertain, and delight guests, bringing your vision to life through creativity and imagination.

Elevate your event with our captivating Art Fringe Activities, designed to add a unique artistic edge to any occasion. Whether you’re organizing a corporate function, community festival, school event, or private celebration, our curated selection of activities promises engagement for participants of all ages and interests. These fringe activities are meticulously crafted to complement the main event, offering interactive and casual entertainment that enhances the overall experience.

Our offerings include a variety of engaging activities such as face painting, temporary tattoos, photo booths, interactive games, balloon art, and quick art projects suitable for everyone. These activities are designed to be accessible and enjoyable, encouraging guests to participate at their leisure throughout the event. Each activity typically lasts 10-15 minutes, allowing for flexible engagement that accommodates diverse audiences simultaneously.

Backed by years of expertise in event arts and crafts, we bring professionalism, creativity, and a commitment to client satisfaction to every occasion. Whether your event is large or intimate, indoors or outdoors, our team ensures a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your vision. Let us help you transform your event into a memorable and vibrant celebration with our captivating Art Fringe Activities.

Discover how our unique blend of creativity, imagination, and interactive art can elevate your next event to new heights. Contact us today to explore our offerings and bring an artistic flair that will inspire, entertain, and delight your guests.


Other Art Services We Provide


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Besides Art Services, we also provide a comprehensive list of Art Lessons In Singapore. Contact Artisan Han’s today, the Art Learning Centre managed by Artists in Singapore, and enroll in art classes right away to bring out the Artist in You to unleash your embedded potential.

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