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Art Commission Singapore


When you do commission art, you’re creating a relationship with a client or art collector. It’s important to take care when working on a commission so that you don’t end up with expectations that are too high or poor communication between you and the client. And, as a business transaction, commissioned art isn’t about just letting your creative impulses run wild – you need to be mindful of the financial aspects of the relationship as well.


art commission Singapore


Here at Artisan Han’s, we adhere to some of the key rules for the request for art commissioned work to ensure successful delivery.


  • No to 3rd Party Photos

We don’t use photos from third parties. We do not paint from photo references that are supplied by others. If you have not seen the subject, you can’t interpret it in a creative manner.


  • Connect with the Subject

It’s essential to have a strong affinity for the subject. Some have found from their experiences that if your heart is not in the work, it will not turn out well.


  • Communication is Always the Key

We strive to have good communication and understanding with the client. Explain in some detail what we would do, by what date, and in what order so that the expectations are managed.


  • Make Photoshop Mockups

To make certain that the client agrees on the subject, the kind of images, and the medium of final art, we may make mock-ups of the possible compositions in color either in Photoshop or watercolor so that the client can have a better idea of the end product.


  • Pricing

In terms of pricing, one may argue custom work must carry higher price tags the reason that it’s an interruption for the normal flow of the planned work of an artist.

Every project has some unique requirements that affect the items including time worked, cost of the materials, and how quickly the artists work on the concurrent projects. We work closely with our clients on the best possible price and timeline based on the client’s requirement for a unique product. 


A commissioned artwork is basically a special commission for the artist. It cannot show in art galleries and it is less prestigious compared to their individual work and requires a good deal of administrative time.

If you need assistance with art commission services in Singapore, make sure to contact Artisan Han’s, Art Studio managed by the artist in Singapore.


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