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Art Competitions in Singapore


Art competitions are a great opportunity to grow as an artist and have a career in art. Such competitions can benefit you in various ways including self-confidence, exposure, and exhibitions. Many artists consider art competitions in Singapore important for their artistic journey as they help them get more self-confidence and exposure.


Art Competitions Singapore


Art Competitions in Singapore – How Can It Help You?


Entering any art competition can be a good start in proving to yourself that you are serious about your art. It also shows that you’re willing to put effort into it. Moreover, you think that your art deserves to be recognized widely. Reaching this point is important to your career’s devotion as an artist. Participating in an art competition takes courage and basically an act of belief and faith in one’s own strengths and talents.

The act of entering art competitions needs a particular amount of thought and time. It’s a reflection that helps the artists establish, identify, and unify their artistic and voice concept. It takes anyone a step back, enabling you to see beyond individual images. It also forces you to consider each of your artwork as a whole.


Advantages of Joining Art Competitions Singapore


  • Being Able to Assess Your Art

When entering art competitions, you’re forced to assess your work objectively. For you to be successful, you’ll have to categorize your art so you can submit this to competitions where it’s relevant when it comes to theme, style, color, and media. It’s essential when your artwork shows various styles.


  • Confidence

Winning actually breeds confidence. However, putting yourself in a place where somebody is judging your work needs a statement of confidence in your own creations and in yourself as one of the artists. Entering competitions regularly is a good way to inspire yourself to improve and try continuously. In addition to that, the confidence you create in putting together a good entry is not valuable in the world of art. Without pride and faith in your creations, you won’t be able to make it far as an artist.


  • Your Art Portfolio Will be Updated

Getting images taken and keeping your portfolio current are things that most artists put off. Having deadlines would push you to get quality photos taken of your piece of art and keep your portfolio. Take note that regardless of which art competition you enter your images should represent the work you’re entering accurately. Having an updated portfolio is important. You don’t know when you could find an interesting opportunity.


The Bottom Line


The essential thing about art competitions isn’t to focus on what you did not get, but to appreciate what you have achieved. Think of entering the competitions as a stepping stone to have a successful art career. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t talented if your artwork wasn’t selected. Some paintings are rejected for a lot of reasons and it has no connection with your skill or ability.


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