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Art Therapy for ADHD in Singapore


Even a simple task like putting together an outfit or remembering to eat lunch can be really frustrating for those who have ADHD. Oftentimes, therapy is beneficial for coping with the symptoms as part of ADHD treatment plan, yet when thoughts swim in your head, it can be hard to put into words some things you struggle with on a regular basis.


Art Therapy For ADHD Singapore


Luckily, there is what you call art therapy for ADHD that we provide in Singapore. It offers the opportunity to communicate in a manner that is easier compared to talking for a lot of people who have a tough time organizing thoughts.


Art Therapy for ADHD in Singapore is Self-Soothing


Art therapy can be an alternative treatment for those who have ADHD. It uses various creative media including clay, oil pastels, paints, and pencils to help individuals express themselves as well as learn life skills. Artwork and its process to create it is assessed by trained art therapists and used to teach some coping skills that people with ADHD may use outside the therapy studio.

According to experts, creativity and art making is therapeutic. There is something health promoting and relaxing about it. Although the research on the perks of art therapy for ADHD is still ongoing, studies have found that art therapy is really therapeutic in both emotional and physical ways.

Art therapy is also like psychology. Even selecting between paint and pencils provides a completely new therapeutic experience for ADHD patients. Art materials have particular qualities, which can lend different amounts of structure external to an individual. More structured art materials are much easier to control. Pencils have a fine point that lends the user lots of internal controls. It also helps individuals to pull it together as well as feel less impulsive. For those who feel emotionally or behaviorally out of control, you may help them feel together.

Clays, paints, and pastels are more physically challenging to control, less structured, and plain messy. Such messy things tend to loosen up one’s internal colors and there are times you like that if you are trying to dig for feelings and explore traumas and concepts. It takes skilled art therapists to work with those who have issues in identifying things and use art to help teach some skills on coping. Art is health promoting, yet it does not become therapeutic until the relationship’s context.

Art therapy is an alternative to ADHD treatment. It is beneficial for people who have ADHD on the particular number of levels since it helps tackle most of the core issues, which arise from ADHD. Art therapy may also help you learn to cope with decision making, impulsivity, sequencing, coping, social skills, flexibility, and make help boost one’s self-esteem. It also provides a sensory experience, which may help you feel in control and more confident.

Typically, understanding consequences and sequencing are major weaknesses for those who have ADHD. With art therapy, it encourages ADHD patients to stop and think of predicting cause and effect and consequences.

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