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Art Therapy for Adults in Singapore


Art Therapy for adults in Singapore is a great vehicle to acquire new skills, partake on a journey of reflection and self-discovery. It’s also beneficial to unleash dormant creative juices.

When given with a supportive and nurturing environment, either within a group or individually, art therapy offers the means to express suppressed desires, emotions, and feelings.


Art Therapy For Adults Singapore


Used as both a non-verbal and verbal tool of the group and personal expression, art therapy offers the voice where one might or might not have existed or haven’t been understood.

Art therapy is also a tool for healing and growth for anybody. There are no limitations because of culture, age, disability or ability. One can also be creative at any stage of life and any age. It isn’t too late to reconnect with your own inner child.

Being creative is the basic human urge that frequently becomes neglected because of the responsibilities of life. Art therapy integrates and exercises both the left and right side of the brain.


Kinds of Art Therapy for Adults Singapore


There are numerous techniques and media employed when it comes to art therapy. Therapists will pick a kind of art therapy for use with clients based on which they’ll be most effective. Below are some of the common media used in art therapy and situations for which is appropriate:


  • Drawing

It can help you interpret and observe certain experiences and feelings. Freeform drawing can encourage you to follow your intuitions, which can help you develop ideas, solve problems, and enhance your sense of self-accomplishment.


  • Painting

Paints can be hard to control since they are fluid. So, therapists can use paints when working with a person who has problems with perfectionism and control.


  • Sculpture

Sculpting provides you an opportunity to the symbol of an event, feeling or person or construct an environment. Making a 3D work of art can help show that situations are multi-dimensional and may be approached from various points of view.


  • Collage

Making a college involves manipulating and assembling existing materials including magazine headlines and images and photos. Your therapist can ask you to make a collage of phrases and images that catch your attention or to make a scene with the use of cut-outs. Making a college can also be a great stepping stone for anybody who has difficulties in making decisions or starting tasks. It may also be the best introduction to art therapy, particularly for those who feel that they lack artistic skills and associate art with negative feedback from their past.


Why Consider Art Therapy for Adults in Singapore?


Art therapy utilizes the process of creating art to improve one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It can benefit anybody from seniors to children for a variety of mental and physical health conditions. Art therapy isn’t about becoming a good artist. There are no required special skills.

The only thing you need is the willingness to experiment. During an art therapy session, the focus will be on the process instead of a final product. The process to make art is the vehicle for you to find connection and meaning in your life.


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