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Art Therapy for Children in Singapore


While kids can frequently benefit from Therapy, particularly if they have disabilities or mental health problems, they might find it difficult or scary to express themselves properly in a clinical setting.

It’s true for young kids who have limited vocabularies and the ones that do not speak the primary language in the country where they reside. Aside from the standard therapy methods, children may use Art when communicating their feelings and thoughts to the adults who like to help them deal with their challenges in life.


Art Therapy For Children Singapore


What to Know about Art Therapy?


Art Therapy is basically psychotherapy wherein many patients use art in different ways. The best way is to escape from the stress of disability or illness. It’s also used as a symbolic language. Through the assistance of the therapist, a kid deciphers the picture’s meaning and discusses the underlying concerns that inspired the artwork. Regardless of how it’s used, art therapy is a creative outlet for kids struggling with their lives’ circumstances. There are different art therapy approaches, yet central to every orientation is the commitment to the process of art. It’s the presence of art form, which distinguishes art therapy as unique with a focus on the inherent healing qualities of making art than on the finished masterpiece as an aesthetic statement. Art creation can give individuals the chance to express themselves in non-linear and creative ways that can deepen the experience of a child, providing the potential for personal healing and insight.


Art Therapy for Children Singapore and Its Countless Benefits


Art making provides a natural form of communication for many children. As such, art therapy is considered useful to help children with different challenging presentations including emotional and personality disorders, language and speech disorders, grief and loss, deprivation and abuse, and childhood trauma. Some of the primary benefits of using art therapy for children include the following:

  • Art Space

Space can provide kids a place to experiment, explore, test boundaries, let go, make a mess, process conscious and unconscious material, and reflect it in an acceptable way.


  • Emotional Safety

It can provide kids a safe way to share a story in a non-confrontational way.


  • Tangible Reference

Making something tangible within the sessions enables the experience to be referred and retained to later in the therapeutic process if possible.


  • Metaphor

Using art materials lends itself to symbolic language and metaphor and can be a good way for kids to express their internal sensations and feelings. Having the chance to externalize such feelings in a safe therapeutic space isn’t only playful but also enables insight to an unconscious world of a kid that would have remained hidden.


How Art Therapy Can Help Children


Kids are creative by nature and it’s typically much easier for them to draw pictures compared to answering questions directly. Children can also be reluctant or hostile when it comes to discussing particular topics. Creating artwork also enables children to tackle tough things creatively, allowing them to relieve stress, develop effective and healthy coping skills, and increase self-awareness. Art therapy for children Singapore is no doubt beneficial. If you’re interested in it, contact the best art school managed by an artist in Singapore.


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