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Canvas Painting Ideas in Singapore


Canvas painting is no doubt a good way to exercise your brain’s right part and everybody must explore it. With that said, looking at a blank canvas can be a little intimidating to beginners. Besides, not all may come up with the right and best canvas painting ideas in Singapore.


Canvas Painting Singapore


The Basics You Should Know in Canvas Painting


Get the Medium Correct

Basically, there are 4 kinds of canvas painting media such as pastel, acrylic, water or oil. Decide on the medium you like to use in canvas painting ideas. If you’re a starter, oil is basically an adaptable medium and lends itself to different painting styles. In addition to that, oil paints slow dry, so you can take time to make some corrections if needed. Majority of the companies make oil paints in 2 grades. These include artist grade and student grade. Artist grade produces more intense colors and lasts longer in canvas painting. On the other hand, watercolor paints are recommended for beginners or children. These are also inexpensive.


Get Your Goals Right

Know the reasons why you’re searching for canvas painting ideas in the first place. Do you want to make a particular kind of artwork? Do you have time and dedicated space to finish a project? How much money you’re willing to spend? Such questions will help you commit before setting out to look for canvas painting ideas. They’ll also help you choose the right materials and tools necessary to implement canvas painting ideas.


Know Your Basics

Basic knowledge of mixing paints may come in handy when implementing canvas painting ideas. Educate yourself on the terms including thinly or thickly, glazing and blending, dry brushing, sponging and spattering, scumbling, and stippling. Most online study materials and art books may guide you in such matters.


Place and Space

You don’t need to have a studio whenever you are implementing canvas painting ideas. The dining or kitchen table is a great place to start. Ensure to have adequate room, particularly for bigger canvases. Make sure that the place you have chosen has ample ventilation and adequate natural light. Lamps with comfortable chairs and daylight simulation bulbs are some infrastructural needs when you are implementing some canvas painting ideas.


Get Other Supplies

It includes the accessories and brushes including palette knives, canvas, easels, palettes, and so on. When purchasing brushes, ensure that you experiment with the bristle shapes, materials, and more. For oil painting, select synthetic brushes with a hog-filter tip. For watercolor, select squirrel or sable brushes and use a synthetic brush with the flat tip for acrylic paints.

It’s essential not to get frustrated once your canvas painting ideas don’t work out at the start. You must keep looking for inspirations as it may come in numerous forms. Do not throw out canvas painting ideas. It’s essential to remain collected and calm as you seek for canvas painting ideas for the reason that becoming over-emotional can harm your opportunities of coming up with the best thing to paint.


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