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Clock Painting Singapore


Making your own clock can be a very fulfilling project, made even better once you get to the point where you will be painting your finished product. Clock painting Workshop in Singapore offers a lot of advantages for the physical, mental, and spiritual body of adults and children alike.


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Art makes human more human. It helps you communicate in a personal and different language. This is a wonderful benefit for everyone, specifically those with conditions of lack of communication or people who find it hard to express themselves because of shyness, autism, or other disabilities.



Clock-painting is an individual activity. The student can enter his or her own world filled with possibilities. A stimulus of the creative mind allows the student to isolate from the reality in a positive way that gives a mental rest that can lower stress and generate feelings of happiness and relaxation. It is specifically important for people with nervousness or aggression conditions.



Learning to handle and hold a brush can help regulate hand movements and stimulate the brain connections while the skill is being honed. For older people, clock painting Singapore can help them make their fine motor skill stronger.



Working in a relaxed and non-competitive environment will let the student come closer to better personal achievements. It will then strengthen his or her self-esteem and individuality. It is particularly essential for people with traumatic conditions, codependency, and elderly people who require activities that can help strengthen their autonomy.


Healing and Concentration

People who engage themselves a few hours painting or making a clock can enter a purer area with extremely strong state of a connection. They can abstract themselves from the surrounding and time will pass them by without them noticing it.

The physical pains can fade away, almost similar to entering a different dimension without leaving your body. It is the concentration state known as Alpha. A part of the brain remains conscious while the other pulls out the unconscious. There is more creation since pure energy gets transmitted to what is being made and you can spend hours without feeling pain, tiredness, or other conditions that make it different from other activities.


Mental Health

Clock-painting or painting, in general, can help make you distracted from your problems. This lets you take out your anguish and transform this to something nice. It helps you identify feeling and increases your expression abilities. It can be very significant for people who have mental conditions, nervousness, or those who are going through emotional turmoil. Adults who engage in clock painting can fight off the fear of confronting themselves, learn how to persevere, and are urged to come up with something that exclusively belongs to them, a unique personal project that is enormously satisfying.


Brain Activity

Clock-painting can stimulate both the right and left brain hemisphere. The left one deals with logic and rational elements while the right one maximizes emotions and creativity. Painting a clock can help during the development and growth stages of kids and during adulthood, it can fight off conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Painting can boost imagination.


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