Corporate Art Events Singapore

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Corporate Art Events Singapore


Corporate art events in Singapore are ideal for team bonding, a fun day away from the office or to treat your workers to something unique. These events are managed or handled by professional artists or certified teachers. We provide a big selection of some bisque projects to select from, different materials, and paints.


Corporate Art Events Singapore


Our instructors will lead you to a step-by-step unique painting. Select from the different canvas size that would perfectly fit in a special space in your house.

Every painting can be customized with your preferred colors and personalized details. The session lasts for several hours or depending on your needs or preferences.


Why Consider Corporate Art Events in Singapore?


Whether you will display the masterpieces of your employees or you want them to have fun even for a day, corporate art events in Singapore can make a difference in your business. Although it is true that putting money in arts might not provide you a measurable and direct ROI for a company, it is beneficial in other ways.

Some of the reasons why you must consider corporate art events in Singapore for your business are the following:


  • Elevate Brand

Engagement in arts also adds to corporate brand and a beneficial marketing tool to both potential customers and employees. Art events can also help companies engage with culture and creativity.


  • Draw Talent

Some company leaders are worried when attracting workers they require in an age in which both soft and technical skills are needed to succeed. With regular corporate art events, you can easily attract potential employees as many people seeking jobs are interested in a workplace that helps employees improve for the better. Activities like art events can help employees be more productive with their work and do more than what they’re required.


  • Promote Diversity

A diverse workforce is proving to be an important factor for leaders including shareholders, customers, and employees start to emphasize inclusion. More great news for CEOs on diversity is that it has shown to be a vital factor in fostering creativity and innovation.

Art invites everyone to see things from some points of view. If companies show art or provide employees access to museums, it may prove eye-opening, which brings employees of various backgrounds to work together closely. While art may help you understand some cultures better, there’s evidence that it attracts diversity. Employees with their work of art can provide meaning to the complex period in which they live and propose some new ways of thinking. Corporate leaders may use that to their own advantage. Supporting artists and arts adds a dimension to an employee and public life. This can improve the image of the company and its bottom line.


  • Spark Creativity

Among the top skills sought by many businesses is creativity. It is also important when hiring employees. Even if there have not been many jobs done on the psychological process responsible for connection, some studies have shown that if employees are exposed to arts, they feel more open to innovation and more creative.


If you like to consider corporate art events in Singapore for your business, contact Artisan Han’s, the best art school managed by artists in Singapore. We have vast experience in managing corporate art events indoor and outdoor, check it out with us!


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