Lantern Making Singapore

We provide Lantern Making Workshops In Singapore To Guide You to Design & Make Colorful Lanterns.
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Lantern Making Singapore


Bring home your very own version of lanterns that light up the streets at night. Together with allowing you to try your hand at crafting these vibrant traditional items, lantern making in Singapore also shares the significance and background of designs that bring amazing colors to any place.

At the workshop, art teachers will help you create a lantern that is your own special design. As you work on it, you will learn about the special meanings attached to lanterns by the people. This includes the belief that when you hang a lantern in front of a house, it will bring happiness, wealth, and luck to the family.


Lantern Making Singapore


Lanterns were traditionally made of silk, featuring a limited selection of designs. However, through the years, lantern makers have come up with a diverse array of materials and shapes. You can get some inspiration from lanterns shaped like diamonds, lotuses, garlic, and triangles. You can also make lanterns from nylon fibers or cardboard and add a light of your choice.


A Quick History of Lantern Making


There are many ways on how the history of lantern making can be discussed. The focus can be on a particular time period, a certain culture, or even a specific kind of lantern. However, the perfect example of the history of lanterns is the one in China where the Lantern Festival is held every year.

This popular Chinese event started more than 2,000 years ago, featuring lighting lanterns, folk dances, guessing riddles about lanterns, and eating a sticky rice dumpling known as Yuanxiao. Before you engage in lantern making, you can even do your own history about the history of lanterns for your chosen time period or culture and have some fun sharing the stories you learned to other people.


Art of Lantern Making as an Education Craft


Lessons on lantern making in Singapore are the perfect chance to create art. After you get a glimpse of the history of lanterns, the next step is for you to make your own lanterns. Depending on your preference, you can create different kinds of lanterns. For starters, you can make a glass lantern. Making glass lanterns is very simple. You just have to decorate a mason jar and then place a tea light inside. For the handle, simply twist a piece around the major hook one more piece of wire on both sides of it.

However, the simplest and easiest option is to make some paper lanterns. Doing this only requires two sheets of colored paper, a stapler, and scissors. You just have to follow simple steps and before you know it, you can hang your very own lantern in your home in no time.

If you have more time to spare for the craft, you can also learn how to use twine or yarn to make fun lanterns. It can be a bit more complicated so it is important to stick to the directions.


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