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Mask making or mask painting in Singapore can be very fun for both adults and children, not to mention that this is also a wonderful project for the whole family. Mask painting can fit into almost all holidays from Christmas elf masks to Easter bunny masks, and Mardi Gras masks.

Mask blanks made of pressed cardboard, paper, foam, paper mache, and plastic can be easily purchased from arts and crafts shops. The only things you need are some simple and cheap materials and also your imagination for you to come up with the most stunning painted face masks.


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When it comes to masking painting in Singapore, the things you will need include mask blank, acrylic craft paints, plastic-fusion or gesso spray paint, water bucket, brushes, paper towels or rags, sandpaper, table covering or newspapers, clear acrylic spray paint, and permanent markers.

To decorate a face mask, first, you have to prepare the work area by covering this with plastic sheeting or newspapers. You can also repurpose your old shower curtain and use it as a table covering. Fill the water bucket and have lots of paper towels or rags to wipe up spills of paint or water. Set up your markers, paints, and brushes.

Cover the mask blanks with a coat of gesso to prepare them for painting. Plastic masks must be sprayed with a plastic-fusion spray paint coat in black or white or you can rough up the plastic mask with a little sandpaper and cover it with gesso. Let the prep coat dry completely.

Start the decorative mask painting. It can be of great help if you can find pictures of designs, patterns, or specific mask types like African masks or Northwestern American Indian masks that you can use as examples for the mask you will make. Let the painted decorations dry. Stencil, China, tole, and other techniques for painting can be used for your mask to be unique.

Spray two to three clear acrylic spray paint coats on the painted mask, letting every coat dry an hour in between coats. You have to do this particular step outdoors or in a properly ventilated area to prevent any adverse effects of the paint fumes.

You can make some more embellishing on your mask through adding glitter, decoupage designs, sequins, feathers, ribbons, or gems. You can mount the mask on a handle if you need it for hand-carrying use. Ribbon or elastic may also be placed at both sides of the mask for tying it to the head. You can also use masks as wall decorations by putting a hanger or hook at the back of the mask.

These are just a few pointers you have to remember when it comes to masking painting Singapore. But, if you wish to learn more techniques that can take your mask painting experience to a whole new level, then, a workshop for mask painting in Singapore is your best bet.

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