Online Art Classes For Kids in Singapore

We Offer Online Art Classes For Kids In Singapore By Our Experience Artist Instructor
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Online Art Classes For Kids in Singapore


For 6 to 12 years old

Online Children Painting Class:

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Duration: 45mins – 1hr (Per Session)


Age: 7 & above ( 6 & below parents guidance is needed)

Techniques: Dabbing

Learning Objectives: Learn how to use dabbing as a technique for tree leaves and bushes. Learn how to mix secondary colors and last but not least, learn how to work with perspective to give depth to the painting.

Painting allows children an educational opportunity that is also fun and exciting. Painting aids children acquire hand-eye coordination, an important skill in their age.

Learning Outcome: To create a forest with one color of your choice to create a monochromatic scheme.

Autumn Scenary in the park
batik Painting

Techniques: Painting

Learning Objectives: Experience Batik Painting by adding colour dyes and watch how the dyes spreads!

These Batik Painting dyes are certified: non-toxic, water-based, using organic colour pigment, and conforms to International Safety Standard EN71.

This session allows kids to be patience and enjoy the process. Do take note that the designs are assorted.

Learning Outcome: To create a final piece and to make their art piece as colourful as can be.

Techniques: Assembling and painting

Learning Objectives: Learn how to assemble the woodcraft lantern and design them. This helps kids to boost moto development skills. A sculpture is a 3-D work of art that is made of shapes, or forms. Sculptures take up space.

You can walk around a sculpture and see all of its sides. With encouragement and step-by-step guidance, it’s possible to improve their skills and build their confidence.

Students that are taught to examine and consider the details also helps teach students to more closely observe and analyse the world around them—skills that are vital in critical thinking.

Learning Outcome: To design your very own lantern with a painting of your choice with LED light.

lantern painting
sunset scenary with beach silhouette

Techniques: Dotting & Blending

Learning Objectives: Learn how to create textures for the sea and also the sky. Learn the quick and easy way to paint stars, learning about the reflection, and also painting silhouettes.

Because silhouettes give a very clear image, they are often used in any field where the speedy identification of an object is necessary. Silhouettes have many practical applications.

Learning Outcome: To paint a sunset by the beach.

Other Online Art Classes


Other than the online Art Class for Kids, we also conduct the Online Art Courses For Adults or Parents who find interest in what their kids do with us online. Come check with us and unleash the Artist in YOU!



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