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Painting Techniques in Singapore


There are several painting techniques, with some traditional, other being unconventional, and a few innovative. The painting technique is generally characterized not by the specific materials used and instead, by how the paints have been applied.

What truly matters is the direction and length of strokes, their color mixing methods, and brightness. All artists have their individual manner of drawing, and the ones mentioned form their own styles.


painting techniques Singapore


However, there are still a lot of primary types of painting techniques distinguished by paints used. The most popular and famous painting techniques Singapore include gouache painting, pencil drawing, oil painting, pastel painting, and watercolor painting.


Pencil Drawing


Pencil drawing is the simplest painting technique you can learn. Everyone begins with pencil drawings. Smaller children hold a pencil and start creating their works of art. Pencil drawing technique doesn’t require any special skill.

Pencil drawings are also a preparatory step for the rest of the techniques. But, the pencil technique has its very own secrets on achieving a drawing’s accuracy, its high quality. For instance, these secrets include pencil shading methods.


Gouache Painting


Gouache colors are ideal for beginners. These are great if you want to study how to draw. These are non-transparent, diluted with water, and can overlap colors with each other. When you paint with gouache, you can pick any color and paint it in any order. You can also mix the colors on the palette to create different shades.


Oil Painting


There are two primary ways on how to apply oil paints – without or with the underpainting. The second method calls for a somewhat complex preparation. There are no hard and fast rules when applying paint or oil layers with a brush. You can try several options. There are times when a shade of vertical brushstroke doesn’t blend with the picture but once put horizontally, it will look great. Oil painting, in general, can be done even by unprofessional artists.


Pastel Painting


You need a rough fuzzy surface so that you can work with soft pastel crayons. You can use pastel for painting and drawing alike. You can also sketch the contours and lines of a figure then paint these over. It is also possible to create multi-color drawings composed of light strokes that are rubbed up, blended, and mixed. Pastel looks perfect on dark backgrounds and that is why the color paper is one of the most commonly used support for this painting technique.


Watercolor Painting


Out of all painting techniques Singapore, watercolor painting technique is considered more complex, and even mysterious and incomprehensible at times. The impression of being easy is actually deceptive. Watercolor or aquarelle is derived from aqua, a Latin word that means water. The ability of the artist to control the water element mixed with paint gives character to his skill and level of mastery of the technique. Watercolors are transparent and fluid that respond to the brush’s movement. This technique is a favorite of many artists.

No matter which of these painting techniques Singapore you wish to try, the practice can help you master the art in no time.

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