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Pen and Ink Drawing Singapore


In fine arts, pen and ink basically denote a drawing technique that involves the use of black and some colored inks that are applied to support with either a reservoir pen or dip pen.

This versatile and traditional media has been used by Western artists since the ancient Egyptian times, for finished drawings, sketches or wash, and ink paintings. It’s also one of the primarily involved mediums in book illustrations as well as in the surrealist automatic drawing.


Pen & Ink Drawing




Ink drawing appeared first in China centuries ago. The early ink was a combination of lamp oil, gelatin from the animal skins, and pinewood smoke. A new ink formula started to be used, which incorporates ferrous sulfate, thickener, and tannin. Since then, art inks were made from different sources that range from carbon-based materials to dyes derived from crustaceans, cuttlefish, insects, oak galls, and berries.

Only white and black inks are permanent as some inks have soluble dyes instead of pigments and aren’t lightfast. For monochrome line drawings, many artists prefer the black Indian ink that is both waterproof and permanent. Colored waterproof inks are available in a range of twenty colors.




Generally, there are 2 basic types of pens and these are reservoir pens and dip pens. The nib itself is referred to as the pen and penholder is the term referred to as the main shaft. There are lots of shaped nibs and each of them produces various marks.


  • Reservoir Pens

This kind of pen carries its own ink supply in a special cartridge or holder, which avoids the need to dip. But, the nib is usually less flexible compared to dip pens. A reservoir pen includes technical pens and fountain pens. The advantage of technical pens is being able to deliver constant ink flow no matter what the direction in which pens are moved. Majority of technical artists favor Rotring Isograph or Rpaidograph series in terms of technical pens. The radiographs are employed by the graphic novel and comic book artists while micron pens were famous because of their line of disposability and work. For fine artists, the best variety is sketching pens or art pens that combines most dip pen’s expressiveness with all of the reservoir pen’s consistency.


  • Dip Pens

Metal, quill, and reed pens are classified as dip pens. They’re loaded by being dipped in the ink. Reed varieties or traditional bamboo are considered as old-fashioned, yet still preferred by other artists to make bold strokes.


  • Fiber-Tipped Markers and Pens

With their quick-drying and consistent colors, modern marker pens can be more associated with graphics studios compared to fine art studios, yet they make an exceptional medium when drawing or sketching outdoors. Once you intend to overlay colors, select solvent-based markers. As support, you may use pads made to resist color-bleeding.


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