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Pencil drawing in Singapore is simple perfection. Drawings made using pencils are simplistic works of art as it uniquely captures an essence seen in a moment.


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Pencil drawing in Singapore is the merging of the drawing pencil and human being as seen on the canvas.

Pencil drawing is a very intimate experience with the artist looking through a completely different lens that allows you to be reflected as the pencil dances, with the timeless tool getting the appreciation it more than deserves.

A pencil artist has a mysterious ability to highlight the beauty he perceives and through the pencil drawing, he creates not just a flattering perspective but also interweaves something seen through the face, a personality aspect, a sparkle in the eyes, with the heart whispering Wow in return.

There are now a lot of ways of pencil drawing that includes the use of computer programming which has become potentially useful. But, letting the artist create it with drawing pencils touches a completely different aspect. This is pretty much similar to comparing the original with a photocopy of a poorly taken photo of an artwork. It is in the meeting point of elements – the artist, the subject, and the pencil – where the true magic takes place.

The year 1564 was when the first pure graphite mine was discovered that propelled the craft of pencil artistry. After years of pencil spending time in the hands of humans, the art transformed into a large marketplace but still sticks to its simplistic roots. Photos are now given brand new life the moment the pencil artists use them to fuel for a pencil drawing portrait.

There are now a lot of variations found in the drawing pencil market and artists are given an extensive selection for them to choose from, with each dancing a one of a kind dance on the canvas. However, it is very common for most to remain with some favorites with an intimate connection with each one.

Pencil drawing is a timeless form of art and thanks to modern technology, it expands a little further by the day. Learning this art is like opening yourself to a whole new world where the pencil is the tool that helps you express and capture the most important moments and scenes you have always wanted to treasure.

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