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Porcelain is different from other ceramics due to its translucent appearance with light passing through it, its white color, and its durable and strong material. Porcelain is very hard and much more durable compared to other types of ceramics. When these traits are more distinguished, you can expect for better quality porcelain.


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Porcelain painting, or also known as china painting, refers to the decoration of the glazed porcelain items like vases, statues, plates, or bowls. The object’s body may be soft paste porcelain, usually bone china, developed in Europe during the 18th century. It can also be hard-paste porcelain that was developed in China during the 7th or 8th century. Ceramic painting is a broader term that includes painted decoration on the lead-glazed earthenware like creamware or tin-glazed pottery with faience or maiolica as good examples.

Most of the time, the body is initially fired in the kiln in order to convert this to a hard porous bisque or biscuit. Underglaze decoration can then be applied with glaze following shortly after that is fired as well for it to bond to the body.

Overglaze decoration can then be painted on the glazed porcelain before it gets fired again for the paint to bond with the glaze. Many pieces use just one of overglaze or underglaze painting, with the former also known as enameled. Decorations can then be applied through stenciling, by brush, lithography, screen printing, and transfer printing.

Porcelain painting was originally developed in China then taken up later on in Korea followed by Japan. Some decorated Chinese porcelain coming from 9th century was discovered in the Middle East. The porcelain being traded in this region usually has motifs of Islam.

Trade with Europe started during the 16th century. When early 18th century came, European manufacturers had found out how to create porcelain. Saxony’s Meissen porcelain factory was followed by some other factories located in Britain, France, Germany, and many other countries in Europe. Styles and technology changed.

The decoration of several hand-painted vases and plates from the 19th century looks like oil paintings. During the latter part of 19th century, porcelain painting became a respectable hobby for the middle-class women in Europe and North America. And not too long ago, interest has revived in porcelain painting as a form of fine art.

This revived interest is more than a good enough reason for you to discover and experience for yourself the beauty and wonders of porcelain painting in Singapore. This is now a chance for you to have a hands-on experience of how early aficionados of porcelain painting have found the joy of this hobby that is very much worthy of your time and effort.

This form of art that has developed and changed through centuries will also allow you to get a glimpse of the distant past and travel back in time to see something more amazing like no other form of modern art can offer.

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