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Sketching Techniques in Singapore


Being able to break down some complex shapes to simpler geometric primitives is an important skill for modeling and sketching objects. Before you start to draw the object’s outline, consider the overall shape and relationships between the parts. Construction lines may help you preserve the object’s overall dimensions as you sketch.

Keep in mind that you must be thinking when it comes to basic shapes whether you’re sketching by hand or using a CAD program. Since straight lines and basic curves are the basis of most objects that people make, practice in making drawing’s basic elements will surely help you sketch easily.


sketching Techniques Singapore


Below are some of the things to consider when it comes to sketching techniques in Singapore:


  • Essential Shapes

If you want to make an object’s clay model, what is the basic shape you want to get started? What are the other basic shapes that fascinate you? You can also try breaking down complex objects to simpler geometric shapes. You may block in such shapes with the use of construction lines to show their relationships to each other. Then, consider adding details and pay attention to spatial relationships between them.


  • Shading

Adding shading to sketch can provide it with a more realistic appearance since it represents the way the object could reflect light. Shading does not mean coloring in. You might like to shade only the prominently shadowed areas.


  • Viewpoint

As you sketch objects, take note that you like to maintain a consistent viewpoint as the camera does. It’s much easier when you’re sketching picture from the book since you cannot move around the objects. If you move, you will see a different view of the objects depending on where you’re standing. There are times that people have tough times sketching since they like to show the object’s parts that can’t be seen from a single viewpoint.

If you’re sketching objects pictorially, set aside your knowledge of object shapes temporarily. Then, examine the shapes you see from the static and single viewpoint. In this kind of sketching, rather than trying to envision objects as they are. First and foremost, determine the lightest and darkest areas of the object. If you like, you may shade different middle tones, placed as they look on an object.


  • Freehand Sketching

If you want to record ideas and organize your thoughts, freehand sketches are the most helpful way. They give a low-cost and quick way to explore different solutions to design problems so the best choices will be made. Investing a lot of time in making detailed layouts before exploring options through sketches can be expensive.

Freehand sketching needs only an eraser, paper, and pencil. Mastering techniques in this chapter to show quick single-view, perspective, oblique and isometric drawings with the use of good freehand line techniques would provide you with a valuable tool to communicate your ideas. The freehand sketch doesn’t mean sloppy drawing. Freehand sketches show attention to clarity, proportion, and proper line widths.

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