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We Provide Small Group Team Building Activities in Singapore.
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Small Group Team Building Activities in Singapore


In view of the Covid-19 viral spread and doing our part to contain and mitigate the spread, Artisan Han’s has launched a new programme for Small Group Team Building activities from ~12 to 15 persons in each group. 

When we hear the term ‘team building’, instantly we are drawn to the word ‘team’ and then what can be done to help this ‘team’ improve or grow. Team bonding is important as it can create that sense of looking out for each other and helps to build trust amongst your team. Team building provides the opportunity to learn about each other in a fun environment! 


Small Group Team Building Activities Singapore


Team building activities take employees out of their usual, sometimes mundane, environment and gives them an out-of-the-ordinary task to perform. This environment often allows employees to be more creative and to use their imagination to accomplish the tasks set before them. It also sends the message to employees that their creativity is welcome in the workplace.

These creative problem-solving skills translate back to the workplace once the activities are complete. Enjoyable and fun-filled activities enable employees to get to know each other better, creating a better understanding of each other and breaking down barriers of mistrust by encouraging people to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences.

Team building activities can be a really dynamic and powerful way to develop collaboration and trust between fellow co-workers, improve motivation, nurturing one’s strengths, and addressing their weaknesses.

Some examples of Small Group Team Bonding Activities :


  • Traditional Batik Painting
  • Woodcraft Clock Making
  • Lantern Making
  • Canvas Painting
  • Terrarium Making
  • Candle Making
  • Customised Workshops to your needs


Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss further on your goals for your small group team bonding activities.


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