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Watercolor Painting Techniques in Singapore


The term watercolor denotes a painting medium when it comes to fine art painting. The color pigments are bound in the water-soluble agent. These binders were certain sugars or animal glues, yet these days, gum Arabic is the standard substance.

Different additives may be used to create some effects and increase plasticity. Generally, watercolors are applied by squirrel-hair or sable brushes to white tinted card or paper even if supports may encompass papyrus, canvass, and leather.


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Watercolor art, also known as the scroll or brush painting or wash and ink, is a universal painting medium except that watercolorists from East Asia usually use black inks only. Watercolor dries faster compared to oil painting and permits the creation of more precise and much finer works of art. But, regular exposure to light causes the color to fade.

Watercolors are a very versatile medium. These can be applied to everything from paper to fabrics, wood, stone, and canvas. Most versions of watercolor paintings rendered on manuscripts, paper, miniatures, and maps can be found in museums today. White watercolor painting dominated the Asian art for years, in Western art, it’s confined to preparatory sketches until the late 18th century.


Watercolor Painting Techniques to Consider


In pure watercolor painting or sometimes referred to as English Method, no white is actually used. But rather, spots and patches of white are left unpainted to depict reflected light or white objects. Atmospheric effects and color tones are achieved through staining paper when wet with different amounts of color pigments.

This technique is called wash and may be used to erase or reduce individual brush strokes or to make big areas of the same color. Artists control the effects of such washes through varying pigment dilution.

Below are the common watercolor painting techniques in Singapore:


  • Wet on Dry

It is a fundamental technique. It is done by painting a wash on the paper. Once it has dried, apply the paint on top of that. Since watercolor is translucent, you’ll likely see behind the stroke’s bottom layer.


  • Flat Wash

It makes up most watercolor painting. It is the most basic technique that you do not realize you are doing it. Just dip your brush in the water and paint or spread it over the intended surface. The essential thing to take note is to ensure that your color looks a flat wash must appear as solid or single hue on your paper.


  • Graded Wash

It shows the transition from dark to light. Begin by painting dark. Then, load up your brush with most pigment and drag that across the paper. On next pass, you can add lesser pigments on your brush. You may swipe that across the paper so it overlaps with the first line. The 2 groups will start to converge and look like one. Repeat the process and add less pigment until you have achieved your preferred tonal range.


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