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Fringe Activities For Events in Singapore


Fringe Activities are designed to keep participants engaged while waiting for the event.

It will create a memorable experience for them.  Fringe Activities are actually “mini workshop” that allows the participants to engage themselves while waiting.  Through this engagement, the participants get to do a art piece of their own.


Fringe Activities Singapore


Our Fringe Activities includes tote bag painting, candle making, key chain making, badge making, etc.

The benefit of having Fringe Activity is that the participants do not need to wait for all to come before the activity starts.

The participants are free to start the moment they come to the stall.  They can start to paint or make the product and typically each activity will take them less than 30 minutes.  Some fast learners can finish it within 15 minutes.  

Our Fringe Activities are mostly art related where the participants can be creative to do their art piece. It is very therapeutic for some as they stay focused during the short duration to create their art piece.  Once completed, they will be very happy to bring home their art piece.

Some examples of our Fringe Activities :


  • Badge Making
  • Key Chain Making
  • Mask Painting
  • Candle Making
  • Tote Bag Painting


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