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What is Batik Painting?


Have you heard about batik painting? This is probably one of the most fantastic styles of creating artistic masterpieces. In general terms, Batik is an ancient painting style where designs on fabric are created using wax. Once your designs are completed, the cloth is submerged into the dye bath.

This wax helps to create some resistance to the dye, and the sections that are coated with wax do not get colored. After this, the cloth is allowed to dry, and then another session wax painting is followed over it.

Then another section of the darker dye bath is followed on this. Note that, the sections that are not coated with wax will create a new color coat with subsequent dye baths. The similar process is repeated for multiple waxes and dye bath sessions to get the ultimate design on fabric.


Batik Painting Singapore


The process may appear complicated for the first timers; but if you look at the creativity hidden behind it, this painting technique is worth to learn in any phase of life. The best idea is to let your kids get some batik painting lessons during their school days.

At this time their mind is more creative, and they can learn design tricks more actively. However, parents can also join them on batik painting sessions at art classes in Singapore. The wax coating and dye bath techniques are two basic steps of batik painting. There are many other creative things involved in between that can make the learning process full of fun and adventure.

The list may include the special effects that are used to remove colors from specific sections of fabric to achieve unique design requirements or to achieve some mixed effects on every piece of art.

The market is loaded with a variety of waxes that artists can use to make new designs on fabrics. Each wax product has its individual pros and cons; the unique characteristics can be easily combined to create mixed effect painting. Studies reveal that the word Batik is actually derived from Indonesia where its meaning is Wax Writing. Experts over there apply wax on fabrics by using specially designed tjanting tool and some paint brushes.

In most cases, artists love to work with beeswax as it can create a much smoother texture; however, paraffin is another popular choice in the market. Those who are interested in learning Batik Painting Singapore can contact professionals at the best art school in the area to join art classes.


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