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Art Classes for Preschoolers in Singapore


Our art program will empower your child and bring out his artistic talent. Our fun and engaging lessons will help them discover themselves through the different processes and different art mediums used. 

All lessons are carefully planned to ensure the activities are developmentally appropriate. The children will learn ways to control their hand as well as wrist movements. Drawing lines, and grasping of crayons and paint brushes are a few examples. In addition, researchers have proven that art activities support young children’s motor development, eye-hand coordination, and critical thinking too!

At Artisan Han’s, our patience and dedicated facilitators involve the children with discussions at the beginning of the session to encourage sharing of ideas and importantly to build their artistic behavior. They are also given constant support and motivation throughout the session to express their thoughts in their art pieces. 


art classes for preschoolers Singapore


Art Encourages Creativity


Art gives children a chance to understand the world around them and convey their interpretations of it in a creative way. When given a similar topic, no two kids will create a similar art piece or painting. There is no such thing as right or wrong as far as art is concerned. The feeling and opinion of a child will be one of a kind and very much appreciated in art classes for preschoolers Singapore.


Art Promotes Skills in Problem Solving


Art is all about making something out of nothing. Children will ask themselves how to express a particular feeling through drawing or how to create something life-like using a piece of clay. All these skills in problem-solving can benefit children in their future life and career.


Art Hones Confidence


Children who participate in art classes for preschoolers Singapore will have the opportunity to deliver a message in different forms and mingle with other kids. It lets them overcome their fear of being around strangers and helps them gain confidence at the same time. Art forms like painting also give a child the chance to be proud of his or her work, show off a talent, and discuss it with others.


Art Encourages Determination and Patience


Children who learn art also learn how much time and effort is needed to gain slight progress. The sole way to master any form of art is continuous practice. It is a crucial skill that kids learn while learning an art. This is extremely essential in today’s competitive world when you have to stay patient without giving up while learning some new skills.


Art Encourages Accountability


Children can realize through art that their actions can also affect others. They become more accountable for their mistakes and actions. Children can also see how everyone’s performance is affected when they don’t do their best or are not ready. It is very critical in developing an adult who takes responsibility for his actions read to learn from them and move on.


Art Encourages Team Work


Children can also learn through art the importance of teamwork involving a lot of concentration and focus. Art trains kids to not only focus on themselves but also on other kids for everything to work out. Even in individual artwork, art can help a child pay attention to every detail. Children who attend art classes for preschoolers Singapore can pay attention to more details in various aspects of their lives while growing up.


Art Encourages Dedication


Finally, children who engage in the art understand that practice can indeed make perfect. Kids will understand that the result of effort and practice is an accomplished artwork. They learn to appreciate discipline and dedication.

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