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Mandala Art


The definition of ‘Mandala’ stands for circle, is an abstract design that is often circular in the frame. Mandalas can contain both organic and geometric forms.


Mandala Art


Mandala art brings along a feeling of relaxation, as they are able to help with balance, bring peace and tranquillity. It gives you a feeling of calmness while looking at them and it also helps with concentration which pushes aside your thoughts and let your creativity flow.

Mandalas make it easier to connect with the most intimate parts of yourself that will help guide you along the path of self-knowledge. Mandalas are also a kind of meditation that can help you focus your attention. They bring harmony because energies flow through all their shapes and colors. These energies can transform negative things into positive ones, and bring balance to your life.

In this programme, participants will be introduced and guided throughout. Tips and tricks on how to create a Mandala art piece. This activity allows you to think about and work through elements of your life that you view as problematic at any given time.

Once you have identified the areas most in need of attention, the creation of the mandala offers you the means to search for solutions. Participants will get to create their very own Mandala art piece and able to bring back at the end of the session.


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