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Glass Painting Singapore


Glass painting is among the most popular art forms that flourished in Europe and North America during the 18th century. This one of a kind technique was then introduced by Chinese artists in India during 18th century.

Different types of paints are being used for painting glass, and these include oil-based enamel, and acrylic paints, just to name a few. Many of these paints can be purchased in art shops.


Glass Painting Singapore


Several mesmerizing and beautiful designs can also be painted on glass. Various types of images, symbols, subjects, and mediums can be used for creating beautiful patterns. Patterns and colors are used in an exquisite and intricate manner to come up with exclusive paintings.


Simple Glass Painting Processes or Techniques


The paintings are usually done on a clear glass even though stained glass can be used for the purpose as well. This exceptional art form requires the right amount of expertise and skill. The whole process is a bit different from painting on other types of objects that are opaque. Use warm water and soap to clean the tumbler’s surface.

You can also use cleaning products to clean it completely. Allow the jar to dry completely before you start to paint it. You can use a pallet for mixing the paints properly. Use a tiny amount of water then mix it using a brush. The paint must be thick enough for it to stay on the jar. You can come up with a beautiful pattern with the use of the right kind of brushes on the smooth surfaces.


Different Kinds of Paints Suitable For Glass Painting


  • Enamels – Artists can mix various colors as enamel paints are widely available in a plethora of colors. Enamels are composed of fine glass particles as well as a substance that looks like paint.


  • Acrylic – This is among the most versatile paints that can be utilized on various surfaces like glass, canvas, as well as paper. Different painting technique can be adopted when acrylic paints are used. It is a must to cover the paints using a clear protective layer for it to seldom flake away.


  • Oil-based – This is among the simplest paint products which can be utilized on stained glass. This is easy to mix in order to create a wide array of colors.


  • Paint markers – The paint markers are particularly designed for painting glasses. This is non-toxic and thermo-hardening in nature. This is available in an array of colors as well. The paint markers are available in various tips like fine tips, brush tips, and thick tips. Therefore, this can be used mainly for writing and drawing with ease.


Stained glass painting is often used on windows of churches, cathedrals, and other areas. Aside from this, reverse painting is also one form of art that needs exquisite skills. The paintings are often viewed through images formed on the jar. The product most commonly used for this art form is acrylic.


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